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Special processing


  • We can process holes from 0.1 mm to 6.2 mm in diameter at low cost. Processing of unpenetrated holes is also possible.
  • The processing precision can be in a range of ±30 μm to ±50 μm for both hole positions and outline dimensions.
  • We are also experienced in additional machining on three-dimensional molded objects on a mass-production basis.


  • High-precision mass microfabrication and cutting are available.
  • Using the best machine for each material, we process plastics, metallic, carbonic, and various other materials two- and three-dimensionally.
  • We are also able to perform highly precise special processing, such as mirror machining and counterboring.
  • POINT1 Hole processing improves various functions!
  • POINT2 Cost advantages ensure customer satisfaction!
    Increased productivity thanks to multiaxial simultaneous processing
    No initial cost required, such as mold cost
  • POINT3 Production control realizes short lead time!
  • POINT4 Services from a global point of view!
    Supply-chain management available

    Global services by our factories in China
Materials we are experienced in routing

We are able to process a great variety of materials:

Acryl, polycarbonate, PET, vinyl chloride, Bakelite®, Unilate®, carbon (CFRP), glass epoxy sheets, PPS, aluminum, copper, electronic components, laminated plates, engineering plastics, ceramics

Examples of processing

  • Non-through holes (acrylic)

  • Carrier boards (glass epoxy)

  • Decorative holes (ABS)

  • Design components (polycarbonate)

  • Jig holes

  • Electronic components (layered PCB)

  • Holes for loudspeakers and tablets (molded products)

  • Holes for loudspeakers and cameras (molded products)

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