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Privacy policy

NC Industry Co., Ltd. (“NC”) is fully committed to protecting all information (“private information”) that may identify any of our customers and all those associated with our business operations (shareholders, employees, etc.). NC carries out this responsibility to the fullest extent and makes all possible efforts to protect private information.

Protection and safety management of private information

  • NC shall observe the laws and regulations concerned, including the Private Information Protection Law.
  • Concerning private information retained by NC, NC shall be effectively alerted about risks in its control at all times, such as fraudulent access, leaks, losses or damages. NC shall take human and physical safety measures against these risks.
  • NC shall continually review and improve this privacy policy as well as in-house private information protection regulations and their application, according to the revisions of laws and regulations, changes in social conditions, audit results, and other relevant events.

Handling of private information

Purposes of use of the private information obtained by NC

  • Delivery of product/service data, information, and the announcements of exhibitions and events
  • Employee education for the training and improvement of sales and solicitation methods in business operations
  • Activities concerning corporate social responsibilities
  • Management of contract agreements with partner companies
  • Employment (including recruiting) and human resource management
  • Welfare programs for employees and relevant parties (announcements and management of share-owning employees’ groups, welfare program groups, etc.)
  • Uses within the scope required to perform activities specified in the above-written purposes

Disclosure or delivery to third parties

NC does not disclose or deliver private information to third parties excluding when required to enable contractors to perform duties or in the following cases:

  • When private information is handled according to laws and regulations
  • When private information is used as statistical data after it is processed to prevent identification of individuals
  • When necessary to protect a human life, body or assets and it is difficult to obtain the agreement of the owner of the private information
  • When especially required to improve public health or promote the healthy growth of minors and it is difficult to obtain the agreement of the owner of the personal information
  • When a state organization or municipality, or a person commissioned by either of them, is required to collaborate to carry out clerical work specified in laws and/or regulations, and when obtaining the information owner’s agreement may interfere with the performance of the work.


The private information we retain may be shared by NC and its affiliates within the scope required to perform any of the purposes of use.

Disclosure, correction, and suspension of use of private information

If the owner of the information wishes to have his or her information that is retained by NC disclosed, corrected, or no longer used, NC responds within a reasonable period of time and within a reasonable range after confirming that the person concerned is truly the owner of such information.

Point of contact concerning private information handling

In case of any inquiry about the handling of private information retained by NC, please write to:

Attention: Private information consulting

* On Saturdays, Sundays, Japanese national holidays, summer holidays and year-end holidays, we may take time before answering.

Masanao Yamaguchi, President and Representative Director
NC Industry Co., Ltd.