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Product inspection jigs

POINT Designed and produced according to the functions of the inspection systems used by individual manufacturers and assembly companies
High-precision hole positioning and high-quality internal walls enable the precise determination of inspection points.
Various jigs can be designed and produced, including alignment adjustment jigs and jigs for chip scale packages (CSP), ball grid arrays (BGA), integrated circuits (IC), in-circuit testers (ICT), and function testers (FCT).
Special precision jigs
Low-cost production thanks to collaboration with our overseas affiliate in China.


Image inspectors
Design and production of appearance image inspectors

POINT Custom-produced according to where the customer wants to check and recognize
Very highly evaluated for contribution to labor efficiency in microscopy inspection
Automatic inspection function using image-processing technology
An achievement of efforts for cutting inspection cost
For flexible boards, flexible mounting boards, medical systems, etc.
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Core Technology
Special processing
Inspection jigs/Image inspectors