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Greetings from the President

Since its foundation, NC Industry Co., Ltd. has been operating according to its basic policy, ensuring that it is always standing on the side of customers, creating new values, and thus making continued contributions to society.

I believe that the size of the company is not an issue with regard to gaining customers’ confidence; what NC Industry should really aim at is being a company that is trustworthy both in reality and in name.

Under the previously mentioned basic policy, we have been making continued efforts to create new values that no other companies can provide, to satisfy today’s demands for products incorporating increasingly higher added values.

We intend to continue our efforts to achieve higher customer satisfaction, by carrying out customer-centered activities, based on our corporate mission and policy.

I thank you in advance for your continued patronage.

Masanao Yamaguchi
President and Representative Director

Corporate History

Jan. 1975: Founding of NC Industry in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture
Commencement of hole processing business
Dec. 1977: Business expansion and relocation to Kumiyama-cho, Kuze-gun, Kyoto Prefecture
Jan. 1981: Installation of additional production facilities and commencement of outline machining (routing), leading the industry
Recognized as a pioneer in this field in the Kansai area
May 1983: Capital increase to ¥10 million
Dec. 1984: Completion of construction of new company buildings, and additional installation of major organizational facilities and production facilities
Jan. 1991: Commencement of manufacture of inspection jigs and tools for automotive electronic wiring
Jun. 1992: Commencement of import and sale of acrylic boards
Aug. 1994: Commencement of manufacture of inspection jigs and tools
Apr. 1996: Commencement of various improvement actions for reinforcing quality control systems and corporate structure in response to the implementation of the product liability law
Oct. 2000: Construction of a factory for high-precision hole processing (CSP, BGA, build-up printed wiring boards, etc.) and fine drilling (FD)
Capital increase to ¥30 million
Certified by the ISO 9002 international quality management standard
Mar. 2002: Founding of affiliates in Hong Kong and China
Commencement of overseas production
Apr. 2005: Installation of the Tokyo Office
Apr. 2005: Business expansion involving the reorganization of the factory in China into NC Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a wholly owned affiliate
Oct. 2007: Certified by the ISO 14001 international environmental management standard
Oct. 2008: Development of the drill inspector (recognized as a new cross-industrial project by the Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Sep. 2011: Commencement of smartphone processing
Oct. 2012: Commencement of tablet processing
Development of appearance inspection equipment
Mar. 2013: Additional installation of high-precision hole processing facilities and a semi-clean room
Feb. 2014: Development of image inspectors
Jul. 2014: Introduction of three-dimensional CAD/CAM systems and five-axis turntables, and commencement of contract design business
Dec. 2014: Installation of the precision machining center
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